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2021 Membership Application

The Association shall be a membership organization with no capital stock and no dividends or pecuniary profit of any character shall insure to the benefit of any member. All market managers and all persons interested in accomplishing the purposes of this Association shall be eligible for membership.

There shall be five classes of membership in this Association:

a. Executive Membership - Any person actively engaged in the management or supervision of a produce market or markets shall be eligible for Executive Membership upon approval of the "Executive Committee".

b. Retired Executive Membership - Any person who has been an Executive Member for at least three (3) consecutive years, and has retired from market management, shall be eligible for Retired Executive Membership upon approval of the "Executive Committee". Retired Executive Members shall be entitled to the same privileges as any Executive Member, but may not hold office of President, First Vice President or Second Vice President.

c. Associate Membership - Any individual or firm engaged in work which promotes the objectives of this Association is eligible to Associate Membership upon approval of the "Executive Committee". An Associate Member shall be eligible to membership on all committees, including committee chairmanship, and on the Board of Directors, but may not hold office, except Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary-Treasurer if combined, in this Association.

d. Commercial Partnership - Any individual or firm which provides goods and services to member markets.

e. Honorary Membership - Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Board of Directors, as a mark of respect or distinction, upon persons who have rendered eminent service in the field of marketing, or to this Association.

Any member may be expelled by the Board of Directors upon the Board’s finding that he does not possess the requirements for membership, or who shall be adjudged by the Board to have violated the Constitution or By-Laws of the Association, or who, in the opinion of the Board, has been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the Association.