Information on Previous Conferences


2004 Tampa Conference


The 58th Annual NAPMM Conference was held February 28-March 4, 2004 in Tampa, Florida and was hoted by the Florida Department of Agriculture, Plant City State Farmers Market.


2003 San Antonio Conference



The 57th Annual NAPMM Conference was held in San Antonio, Texas on April 5-9, 2003 and was hosted by the San Antonio Produce Terminal Market.  Some of the program highlights were:


  • Safety and Security Measures in the Produce Industry

Food Safety:  Donna Garren, PhD, Vice President Scientific and Technical Affairs, United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association.

Food Security Workshop

Food Processing Establishment

Foodservice or Retail Establishment


  • Food Safety and Security

Ensuring Security for Food Systems by Major Jay D. Fuller, Chief, Food Safety Branch, U. S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine. 




  • A look at International Markets

International Trade by Bob Penter, Melbourne Market.  


2002 Montréal Conference


The 56th Annual NAPMM Conference was held in Montréal, Quebec, Canada on May 18-23, 2002 and was hosted by the Montréal Public Markets.  Some of the program highlights were:


  • A Market is Born - Review of several wholesale and retail markets established since the 1990's.
  • "Le Marché des saveurs" - New store concept for earthland and organic products.
  • Changes in Produce Distribution - A look at the latest distribution trends in North America and Australia.
  • Product Markets: Public Assets or Public Liabilities - An examination of the recent trend to privatize wholesale product markets.



Visit the Montréal Public Markets web site!


2001 St. Louis Conference


The 55th Annual NAPMM Conference was held in St. Louis, Missouri on April 29-May 2, 2001 and hosted by the St. Louis Produce Market.  Some of the program highlights were:


  • Wholesale Market Development:  Program Update and E-Commerce.
  • Facility Design and Operations Support.
  • USDA/AMS:  PACA, Update and Projections; Market News; Plant Protection and Quarantine.
  • The Industry: Deisgn Elements Impacting Success; Food Safety Programs; Urban and Surburban Markets.



E-Commerce and Wholesale Markets by Jennifer-Claire Klotz, Economist

Facility Design and Operations Support by Fidel Delgado AIA, USDA/AMS

Wholesale Market Development Program by Errol Bragg, USDA/AMS


St. Louis Conference Photo Album


2000 Maryland Conference


The 54th Annual NAPMM Conference was held in Annapolis, Maryland on April 1-6, 2000 and hosted by the Maryland Food Center Authority.  Some of the program highlilghts were:


  • Trends affectig the Food Distribution Industry.
  • Market Operations and Waste Management.
  • Internet Communications, Advertising/Events and Marketing Strategies.
  • Value Added Food Processing.
  • Markets for the Millenium.
  • Food Safety, Cold Chain and Retail Store Consolidation.
  • Product Movement/Diversity and Quality Control.
  • Market Renovation and Expansion.


Maryland Conference Scrapbook


1999 New Orleans Conference


The 53rd Annual NAPMM Conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 27-31, 1999 and held at the Wyndham Riverfront Hotel.  Some of the program highlights were:


  • Food Safety Regulations and how it will effect you and your tenants.
  • What Retailers see in 2000 and beyond.
  • What's happending at markets in Australia.
  • Future of Markets:  Where we have been; where we are now; and where we are going.
  • Survival with NAFTA and International Trade Agreements.


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